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Creating greater access to healthful, plant-based foods

Sharon Palmer

Jun 23, 2022

Be ready to get inspired in this live video chat with Sharon and the directors of EatWell Exchange, Ashley Carter and Jasmine Westbrooks, as they discuss creating greater access to healthful, plant-based foods in communities across the country.

I’m so excited to have Ashley Carter, RDN, LDN and Jasmine Westbrooks, MS, RD, LDN on my Live Chat today. Ashley and Jasmine are the founders and directors of EatWell Exchange, based in Miami Gardens, Florida, a nonprofit organization with the primary goal of bridging the gap in health outcomes by guiding communities to make positive lifelong changes while respectfully maintaining their culture. I have been fans of Ashley and Jasmine for a long time now, and as a fellow dietitian, I am just so proud to see the work they are accomplishing in our profession by highlighting the importance of providing greater access to healthful foods in communities around the country. Click here to listen to the full chat.

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