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We have Taught


19,527 People

From elementary school children to the elderly and several groups in between. Educating people of various races and ethnicities, teaching them how to make better choices with a focus on their culture


we have


10,037 People

We have provided balanced nutritious meals and snacks to the communities that need it the most. Showing communities that healthier options are available and can taste good. We have provided hands on food demos to highlight foods from different regions.


We have 

222 events

Miami, Raleigh, Haiti, Ft. Lauderdale, Sebring, Orlando, and Atlanta, are some of the places that we have traveled to. We enjoy going to different cities and providing knowledgeable information as we learn about your culture

grand Goave, haiti

We are working with and building gardens in food deserts and teaching communities about nutrition and how to grow their own produce

In 2018 we started a garden in Grand Goave, Haiti. We are involving community members to work on these projects and creating a cultural shift as we help eliminate health disparities. Areas are considered food deserts when they do not have access to fresh and affordable healthy foods.  People in these areas have a lower life expectancy and an increased chance of negative health outcomes. We can change this with your help, join in and garden with us, support our events or donate to allow us to continue to impact the areas that need it most.   

grand Goave, haiti

We are increasing

access, opportunities and knowledge

At EatWell Exchange, our Global Partners are at the very heart of what we do. They provide us with the support we need to be able to transform the lives others across the globe. In the past we've partnered with the following organizations/ corporate partners. 

We were so happy to have been invited to

"EatWell understands the importance of empowering people to take full responsibility for their nutritional future through gaining knowledge of themselves with the food they eat in their culture"

Iman S.

Manhood on the Go Founder

"EatWell focuses on the core of human life which is nourishment. Their approach and respect for culture is very enduring.  They take time to understand and properly serve their communities."

Vanessa F.

Carl's Village

"Knowledge is power and Jasmine provided our women with a wealth of knowledge for healthy eating. I look forward to having her come back next year. Thank you EatWell!"

Karon R.

"Great event (Chef Cookoff) a lot of different foods and a amazing cultural experience"

Ashley M.

"The EatWell Exchange staff displayed knowledge and enthusiasm about their commitment to serving their community"

Darren E.

The Zenith Factory Founder

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