7-Veggie Stuffed Peppers

You all asked, so here it is, the recipe I made at Yoga Fest last September. This easy one pot recipe is great for a girls night in, date night or even for the kids!


- 1 bag of mini sweet peppers

- onions

- garlic

- butternut squash

- mushrooms

- okra

- callaloo

- stewed tomatoes

-quinoa/brown rice or both

- almond oil



- cut tops off peppers and cut lengthwise

- cook brown rice/quinoa

-stew tomato


- In a large saucepan or skillet put almond oil on 350 degrees

- place onions and garlic into the skillet when oil is nice and hot

- add chopped butternut squash

-add remaining vegetables in order, cook long enough to soften but remain crisp

-add bay leaves

-add cooked quinoa/rice-season with pepper, curry and other herbs you may like

-add peppers to the skillet to allow to cut and become tender around edges

- add stewed tomatoes to quinoa and veggie blend

-stuff pepper wedges with blend

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