Brown Stew Chickpeas

This was a crowd favorite at the Black Pepper food demo! I made this on stage and the audience loved the sapmles, so it's only right to share the recipe with you. This is an inexpensive ($20 to feed the family) and quick (15 minute) meal! This is a plant based variation of brown stewed chicken. Full of flavor and lots of fiber, protein and great nutrients.

Brown Stew Chickpeas Recipe: 1)heat pan and add avocado oil 2)sauté veggies (all but tomatoes) 3)season with onion powder, garlic powder, a little ginger, all spice, scotch bonnet pepper to liking 4) add chickpeas 5) add chopped tomatoes 6) add soy sauce 7) add veggie stock 8) add thyme 9) cover and let simmer together 10) serve on bed of brown rice or quinoa

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