Inspiring the Women of DCCI

EatWell Exchange educated the women of DCCI Church in Atlanta, Georgia on May 12, 2018. The Women of Destiny Christian Center International hosted their Women's conference with the theme of health awareness. EatWell presented to 25 different women regarding eating nutritional foods using foods that are accustomed to their lifestyle and heritage. Topics taught included healthy eating on a budget, portion control of all food groups by using the plate method learning style, heart health, hydration and food label reading. This event motivated the women in this church ministry to take care of their bodies the way God intended them to live their best lives. EatWell knows how important the church is in the African American community, which is why we aim to start and continue with educating the church about good health the way God has intended them too.

After this speaking with these group of women, they raved about how much they learned and what they will apply to their daily lives. During the presentation the women of Destiny Christian Church were even surprised by some of the useful information and was very appreciative of our knowledge base we contributed to their overall lives.

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