From the Garden to the Table with MOTG

Manhood on the Go (MOTG) is a nonprofit that provides support, guidance and resources for young inner-city boys to grow into gentlemen. They partnered with EatWell exchange to allow their summer leadership academy to learn more about nutrition and plant-based foods. The group was taken to highlands garden community garden were they observed fruits, vegetables and herbs in their natural state and even harvest some of the produce. Some of their harvest was saved and used for the main event. On the upcoming Tuesday we hosted a taco night for them The purpose of the taco night was to use something they re familiar with to introduce them to healthier alternatives. Jack fruit was the star of the show, it was prepared for them without them knowing it was not meat. Many of them chose that over chicken! Another alternative was nonfat plain greek yogurt for sour cream this has much less calori

Photo Jun 04, 9 46 00 PM (1)

Photo Jun 05, 6 46 03 PM

es and is packed with protein. This event allowed them to sample new foods and have a healthy go to meal they can assemble at home

Photo Jun 05, 7 16 52 PM

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