Cultural Chef Cook-Off

Ever wondered how the spices you use and you cooking methods effect the overall dish you create? We took four chefs from diverse cultures and gave them mystery boxes to compete against one another to make the healthiest, best tasting and most creative dish. Chef Jason (Virgin Islands) and Sunni Speaks (Ecuador) competed head to head with a mystery box containing barley, strawberries, jackfruit, passion fruit and a head of cauliflower. With only 40 minutes to think, cook and plate they both created delectable dishes. We had amazing vendors there as well Jah's Homemade Soaps, Beloved Box (shea butter, candles and soaps) and Adelines's Kitchen (fresh pikliz, kremas and epis). The next round had chefs Juan (Venezuela) and Chef Rob (Haiti) who were both on stage dancing to the beat and making a creative piece with papaya, , purple collard greens, mustard seeds and sardines. In the end Chef Jason won it all, being our first annual Top Cultural Chef of 2018! We had such a great staff, Chef Dom hosting, DJ Radio Jamez keeping the crowd moving to sounds from all over the world and IChoosePix taking amazing photos.Such a great turnout and proceeds towards this event will all go to our nutritional programs, including our upcoming trip to Haiti.

Take a look at the highlights filmed and edited by Emmy Vargas:

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