Employees That EatWell

Objective Employees of the non-profit organization, Nu-Hope, were seeking basic nutritional information to help prevent chronic health issues and live healthier lifestyles.

During the pre-assessment, they reported they tend to not be physically active, they drink a lot of fluids high in sugar or sugar substitutes and reported that finances was a primary factor when determining meal selection.

Overview EatWell Exchange conducted a three hour interactive session with nine employees. A powerpoint was used to visually display material. They were each given a pocket guide which contained major points and visuals for them to keep in their purse or at their desk to refer to. Topics covered included: MyPlate guidelines and portion sizes, “Healthy Eating On the Go”, Fluid Selection, Carbohydrates, Smart Shopping on a budget, reading food labels, and the difference between organic, natural and GMO and goal setting. A physical activity at work activity was conducted to show participants how they can do simple exercises while sitting at their desk at work.


Based on the evaluations, the participants reported that they received a lot of information they never heard of before. They felt the session was very engaging and thought questions were answered well. Most of the participants were unaware of the correct portion sizes required, they have never heard of genetic modification and ____. By the end of the session they were able to have this knowledge.

To learn more about EatWell Exchange visit us online at www.eatwellexchange.org

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